Journey Begun Music is the primary publishing site for Theodore A. Jander’s original works. The mission is to promote Theodore’s sacred and secular music by creating a reliable catalog of freshly written and accessible music. Journey Begun Music offers select titles for online purchase through PayPal™. The music published by Journey Begun touches upon multiple moods and emotions, creating a unique experience for performers and audiences alike. Please contact us with any questions concerning purchases.

Ordering scores through Journey Begun Music is meant to be a fully online experience. After reading the conditions and process, please click on either the Choral/Vocal Scores or Instrumental Scores links in the menu above. All of the pieces featured have a PDF excerpt of the score available to view, and most have an audio sample for your listening pleasure.

HOW TO ORDER SHEET MUSIC – read carefully!

In an effort to streamline the composer-to-performer process, all transactions are completed online. Therefore, you will receive your score by email ONLY. Your scores will not be sent by post. Each transaction is dealt with via email as quickly as possible within a few days of purchase. Sometimes there are problems with scores arriving late or not at all due to antivirus software or firewalls. If you have not received your order within one week, please submit a form on the contact page for support.

You will be sent the PDF score as an email attachment with a Certificate of Reproduction indicating the number of copies that you have ordered. Payments are made through PayPal™, and if you have a PayPal™ account, the process will be streamlined dramatically.

How does the Certificate system work?

A certificate system for reproduction of copies from a single master copy is utilized by Journey Begun Music. What you receive will be :

  • A single master copy of the piece(s), with a license certificate for the number of copies that you are legally allowed to reproduce. Please make these copies official with a stamp from your institution for future use.
  • A receipt is automatically generated with your order and a link to it will appear in your email order statement.

I only want to look at the piece – must I purchase?

  • You can download a partial score in PDF format from this website, which will provide an idea of the style and difficulty level. Complete perusal scores are not available. Otherwise, you will need to purchase the complete score.
  • Legal action will be taken if copyright infringement has been suspected, as it is illegal to make copies of copyrighted works without permission from the copyright holder.

Enjoy your experience with Journey Begun Music!